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I’m already a fan of The Source Bulk Foods in Balmain (262 Darling Street). You can come here for specialty flours, grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, honey and tonnes of other healthy goods…I feel virtuous just being in this store! The Source puts a little bit of fun back into your everyday grocery shop as you get to fill up your paper bag with shovelsful of goodness and mark the product code on the bag with pens that are provided for the shopper. They do encourage you to bring your own bags or containers, so next time I hit up the Source I’m going to be prepared..and extra righteous!

They have a great selection of gluten free products and I came away with a delicious gf muesli which I’ll definitely be going back for. The staff are super friendly and helpful even though they were clearly very busy when I was there. Looking forward to my next visit, I hope I can stay virtuous and avoid the chocolate frogs basket

The Source is also where I got my walnuts for this week’s pear + pomegranate salad..I got the bulk of these ingredients from an Annabel Langbein recipe, and just adjusted the dressing to my taste. This salad is Good! The combination of crisp pear, crunchy walnut, pomegranate pops and sweet juice is Something You Have To Try.

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