Here at The Source Bulk Foods, Christmas is one of our favourite times of the year. We love cooking healthy, delicious feasts, giving thoughtful gifts and spending quality time with our loved ones. Although, we do Christmas a little differently around here: we celebrate the festive season with a zero-waste approach. We’re firm believers that the health of the planet shouldn’t suffer while we’re celebrating Christmas. Each week of December, why not have a craft-ernoon with the kids and make some upcycled decorations for the Christmas tree? Here are three of our favourites:
  • Ribbon Christmas Tree


    Ask the kids to collect six straight sticks from the backyard or use six cinnamon sticks from The Source Bulk Foods for a beautiful-smelling tree! You’ll also need a few scrap ribbons and some twine. Teach the kids how to tie a ribbon around the stick. You’ll need 6-8 strips of ribbon per tree. Once you’re happy with the ribbon placement, trim the ribbons into the shape of a Christmas tree. At the top of the tree, loop some twine around and tie a knot.

  • Wire Star


    Gently tap some nails into a piece of scrap timber making the points of a pentagon. Wrap some pliable wire around the nails to make a star shape. Once happy with the star, remove the nails and continue wrapping the wire around the centre points of the star to hold in place, then secure. Loop some twine around one point and tie in a knot to hang.

  • Origami Star


    Colourful origami stars make wonderful Christmas tree decorations. There are a few different methods to make an Origami star from the Simple Star, which is great for kids, or the traditional 5-point Star. Once you’ve made the stars, make a small hole, loop through some twine or scrap ribbon and hang on the tree.

Christmas can often be a time of excess and over-consumption, but not if you follow our simple DIY tips for greening your Christmas. Over the next few weeks, you’ll learn how to keep the festivities fun yet stay true to your values of celebrating Christmas consciously.

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