School holidays are coming to an end … how are you feeling, mums and dads? The week before school returns is often filled with mixed emotions. You might be feeling relieved the kids are going back to school but also overwhelmed by all the things still to do! These six simple tips will get your kids back to school – without you or the planet feeling any extra stress. Join us for a healthy, happy and waste-free school term.
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    Get a good-quality backpack

    It’s important to spend money on a quality, long-lasting backpack. We suggest buying neutral tones like navy, black or brown, if you can. That way, your child is more likely to use it throughout their entire schooling.

  • 2

    Arm yourself with winning lunchbox recipes

    Do your kids need variety to keep them interested? Stop food coming home with the help of our Lunchbox Planner. Healthy, simple and school-friendly lunch-box ideas that your kids will love!

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    Stock up on planet-friendly containers, wraps and straws

    Ensuring your kids consume healthy, quality food is just as important as the packaging it comes in. Invest in a lunchbox that has a home for everything, eliminating the need to wrap sandwiches and other items. If you do need to wrap, try using beeswax wraps or use a tea towel to wrap furoshiki-style.

  • 4

    Create an eco pencil case

    Sticking to basics when it comes to school stationary is not only more environmentally friendly, but is also more cost-effective. Choose notebooks with paper/card cover with a staple or metal spiral-bind; opt for a metal pencil sharpener rather than a plastic one; and select a metal or timber ruler rather than a plastic. These items will last much longer and can be eventually recycled or composted. For any compulsory school supplies that do contain plastic, such as textas, once used up, these can also be recycled through terracycle.

  • 5

    Hand-me-down uniforms

    Kids go through massive growth spurts at school – especially during primary school. Rather than buying new uniforms each year, why not speak to some of the other mums about doing a uniform swap?

  • 6

    Transform your pantry

    When kids get home from the school, the first thing they do is open the pantry in search for food. It’s important to keep your pantry stocked with nutritious and fun snacks, like the recipes we share here, here and here.

So, the new school year is nearly upon us, but going back to school doesn’t have to cost the earth. Stick to these tips and your kids will be going back to school fuelled and ready to learn!

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