Looking for fresh and healthy recipe ideas? It’s time to jazz up your weekly menu and dinner parties with our Fresh & Light Recipe Booklet.
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    Trust us; you won’t be disappointed – we’ve packed it full of healthy, delicious and easy recipes to reinvent your dishes (and your health) this summer! It features recipes such as Botanical Iced Tea, Berry Cheesecake Smoothie Bowl by @thrivingonplants, Mixed Bean Salad with Coconut Crusted Prawns and Macadamia Cream, and Peanut Butter and Chocolate Ice Cream Cakes by @rawspirations.
    Don’t forget to tag us @thesourcebulkfoods in your creations!
  • Eat seasonally


    There are many benefits to aligning your diet with the seasons. Buying seasonal produce means supporting your local farmers/grocers and reducing the environmental costs of transporting food. Plus, seasonal produce is often cheaper and more flavoursome – a win for you and your pocket!

  • Choose health


    Leafy greens and whole vegetables are among the cheapest, most readily available unprocessed foods on the planet. We encourage you to add an extra serving of greens and veggies to every meal, increase your fibre intake, decrease your meat and dairy consumption and, most importantly, eat the rainbow.

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*Our print materials are printed on Australian recycled / FSC paper using compostable ink.

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