Mother's Day 2020 isn't cancelled! We have DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas for every mum! Surprise mum this Mother's Day with package-free goodies that gift to her and the planet. If you have a Fitness Mum that lives in her activewear, Chocolate Lover Mum the melts at the thought of sweet treats, Home Chef Mum that is a foodie and loves to entertain or Conscious Mum that cares for her wellbeing and the environment. Select from our range of unique products and treats to create your own pack! Check out our DIY gift pack suggestions below and give sustainably this Mother's Day.
  • Feel Good Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Every Mum!



    DIY Superfood Pick Me Up Duo

    A Fitness Mum loves and lives in her activewear and knows it’s important now more than ever, to stay fit and healthy. Why not combine our Super Greens & Organic Omega Seed Mix for the perfect Superfood Pick Me Up gift for your Fitness Mum, this Mother’s Day! Our Super Greens is the ultimate nutrient booster to add to smoothies, raw treats and more and she’ll love our versatile Organic Omega Seed Mix to kick start her healthy breakfast bowls, salads and smoothies! Gift as is or add to one of our other Fitness Mum gift pack ideas!

    DIY Post Workout Snack Set

    This Mother’s Day gift idea is for the Fitness Mum that isn’t hard to spot! Even during this period of stay at home, this mum often has a ready supply of proteins balls on hand and water within reach. For your Fitness Mum this Mother’s Day, keep her well-equipped with a handy Stainless-Steel Water Bottle and a jar of assorted Protein Balls – 100% natural goodness with no added preservatives or artificial additives. We have a vast range of gift ideas for you to DIY your own gift combination for your Fitness Mum!

    DIY Workout Essentials Pack

    Kit mum out with the ultimate gift pack for Workout Essentials. Our Stainless-Steel Water Bottle with handle is perfect for mum’s on-the-go! Combine this with our zero-waste Bamboo Toothbrush which will come in handy post mum’s morning workout; our Stainless Steel Insulated Food Jar is ideal for keeping her soup and leftovers warm until lunch accompanied with our sustainably made Wooden Spoon.

    Find your nearest store and visit us to choose your own gift combination for your Fitness Mum!


    DIY Sweet Tooth Pack

    It’s sometimes the simple things in life that delivers the biggest bang for the buck.  The chocolate-loving mum may often be heard to state “everything tastes better with chocolate!” This gift pack idea is perfect if you can’t decide which treats to choose for mum! Our TV Mix contains a delicious blend of dark, milk and white chocolate-coated peanuts, chocolate bullets, malt balls and raspberry jellies. Compliment the gift with a jar of a classic favourite premium Organic Spelt Licorice.

    DIY Berry Indulgent Set

    Tell your Chocolate Lover Mum you love her berry-much with an indulgent collection of creamy White Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries and Raspberries. Delight Mum with this one of a kind berry-licious bundle of treats!

    DIY Ultimate Sweets Pack

    The Chocolate Lover Mum may love dark, milk, or white chocolate equally, or she may be a dyed-in-the-wool fan of one particular flavour. This gift pack idea has every Chocolate Lover Mum covered. Our Ultimate Sweet Pack includes White Chocolate Freeze Dried Raspberries, our TV Mix, White Chocolate Freeze Dried Strawberries with Organic Spelt Licorice.

    We have a wide range of delicious confectionery for Mother’s Day so visit us to select your combination for your Chocolate Lover Mum!


    DIY Oil Trilogy Set

    These mums love to make home dinners now more than ever and to make highly tasty and nutritious family meals. If you have a Home Chef Mum (lucky you!) why not gift her with our Oils Trilogy Set this Mother’s Day – featuring our Australian Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Australian Macadamia Oil.

    DIY Gourmet Taste Pantry Pack

    Is your mum mildly obsessed with the finest essential ingredients to enhance her cooking? Then our Gourmet Taste Pantry Pack gift idea is set to take her inner foodie to new heights this Mother’s Day. We have selected some of our most popular premium oils, raw honey, herbs and spices to dress up any Home Chef Mum’s pantry. Mum will love using our quality herbs and spices such as Lemon Myrtle and Pepperleaf Salt, Za’atar, Mixed Herbs and Crushed Chilli.

    DIY Make Mum’s Day Nibbles Kit

    While the Home Chef Mum loves to make fabulous food, this year we are staying at home so why not gift her a the Make Mum’s Day Nibbles Kit – then prepare it for her! Design a special lunch or dinner, complete with homemade starter and dessert with our DIY Sweet and Salty Nibbles Kit? Our suggestions to make up this Mother’s Day gift pack includes Sunny Seed Crackers Mix, handcrafted Coconut Shell Bowls, premium Organic Olive Oil, Himalayan Pink Salt, decadent White Chocolate Fudge Mix.

    Create the ultimate gift pack for your Home Chef Mum with our wide range of products in-store.


    Shower Essentials Duo

    Is your mum a careful and conscious shopper, who thinks not only about wellbeing for our planet? Then our Shower Essentials Duo gift idea is the perfect way to pamper mum this Mother’s Day without the unnecessary packaging. Give mum a Healthy Locks Rosemary and Nettle Shampoo Bar and select from our range of indulgent soaps, such as Organic Activated Charcoal Detox Soap Sticks or Dead Sea Mud Soap. Receiving a sustainable gift is guaranteed to make the Conscious Mum beam with happiness this Mother’s Day.

    DIY Lovely Tea Kit for the Conscious Mum

    Create your own tea kit for your Conscious Mum this Mother’s Day. We have the very best organic and premium loose-leaf teas and zero waste essentials! Combine our Organic Ginger Glow Tea, Organic Sencha Green Tea with our reusable Tea Tin and Marble Coffee Cup. Gifting to Mum and giving back to the planet! We have a wide range of teas in-store including leaf black, green, white & herbal tea blends.

    DIY Waste Free Travel Food Kit

    Would your Conscious Mum like to adopt a more waste free approach to her lunches? This Waste Free Travel Food gift idea includes our Australian made Beeswax Food Wraps plus our Warrior Lunch Box that is stainless steel which is perfect for mums who love a package free reusable alternative!

    Visit us in-store to check out more zero waste Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Yes, we’re OPEN with DIY Gift Ideas for mum!

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