We’re a few weeks into 2020 and so far, for Australia, it’s been a devastating start to the year. In light of the current bushfires, now, more than ever before, it’s time to think about your goals for the year.
  • New year, new you, new goals


    Setting health and wellness goals for yourself and your family is important, but this year, we encourage you to add the planet’s health to your list of goals. We need to do all we can to support the rejuvenation of our precious earth and its finite resources.

    Here at The Source Bulk Foods, we’re big believers in planning for action and change. Read on for some tips and examples to help you map out your goals this year.

  • Setting new year goals


    In 2019, we asked you to change just one thing about how your family reduces waste. What did you do? Did you use beeswax wraps or silicon lids instead of plastic wrap? Did you shop more at The Source Bulk Foods? You might have said no to plastic straws and single-use coffee cups? Perhaps you and your family picked up rubbish every time you visited the beach or park? Whatever you did, we’d love to know.

    This year, however, we’re asking you to set five goals. The five goals will be a mix of health and wellness goals for you, your family and the planet.

    Here are a few suggestions for your new year goals. Don’t be overwhelmed – simply choose five (or more) and commit.

  • Health and wellness goals


    • Drive less. Instead walk, bike, carpool and take public transport.
    • Spend more time in nature.
    • Commit to a fitness challenge at your local gym or yoga studio.
    • Buy a month-long Pilates or yoga pass.
    • Pencil in a weekly walking date with a family member or friend.
    • Practise moments of deep breathing throughout the day. Encourage the rest of the family to do the same especially before eating meals.
    • Learn something new like how to surf, snowboard or ski.
    • Eat less meat.
    • Eat more wholefoods and grains.
    • Eat with the seasons.
    • Increase your vegetable, fruit, nuts and seeds intake.
    • If you can, buy organic food from farmers and local grocers in your area.
    • Write a weekly meal plan and shop accordingly.
    • Each month empty your pantry and do a big cook up with lentils, lasagne sheets and the random bits and bobs at the back of the cupboard.
    • Subscribe to the “no cup, no coffee” rule. If you don’t have a reusable mug, say no to a coffee.
    • Buy cruelty-free, non-toxic beauty products.
    • Avoid synthetics and chemicals in beauty (try our new gentle Baby Bar) and cleaning products.
  • Zero Waste goals for the planet


    • Use Beeswax Wraps or our Warrior Lunch Box to store food and leftovers.
    • Say no to plastic straws, single-use coffee cups and smoothie/juice cups and takeaway cutlery.
    • Start your own herb or vegetable garden. If you already have your own, encourage and help someone else start theirs.
    • Gift yourself one of our reusable cutlery packs, water bottles, coconut shell bowls (great for camping or work), coffee cups or produce bags. Check out the full range at your nearest store.
    • Pick up three pieces of rubbish every time you visit the beach or national park.
    • Watch or read an inspiring environmental documentary once a month. You could start with climate change documentary, 2040.
    • Start a capsule wardrobe. This is a collection of clothes and accessories that includes only items considered essential.
    • Repair old clothes rather than throw them away or, if you must, gift worn clean clothes to charity.
    • Regularly donate to charities like WIRES, the Red Cross, Foodbank Australia, Amnesty International, Green Peace and Bush Heritage.
    • Use non-toxic cleaning products in your home.
    • Instead of taking trips overseas, visit bushfire-damaged towns in Australia. Take an empty esky and fill it up with local produce. Stay a few days and give your money to the communities that need it most. Check out @emptyesky on Instagram.
    • Wash your clothes in cold water and sun-dry them outside.
    • Spend less time in the shower.
    • Look into solar for your home or work.
    • Switch to a green energy supplier for your home or work.
    • Move your superannuation, insurance and banking over to sustainable and ethical funds that don’t invest in fossil fuels.
    • Write, email and speak to your local, state and federal government representatives about issues that are important to you.
    • Carbon-offset your travel.
    • Organise a clothing swap with your friends.
    • Choose to rent an outfit for that next special occasion instead of buying.
    • Volunteer your time at an organisation you care about.
    • Regularly share the many ways you are helping the planet with your friends and family. Check out this informative Guide to Climate Change that you can also share with others.
    • Buy in bulk at The Source Bulk Foods – we always love seeing your friendly faces in store!

Visit your nearest store to browse the aisles abundant with over 400 quality products and zero waste essentials. Our friendly and knowledgeable team are on hand to provide you with all the recommendations and assistance you may need.


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