Wanting to make 2021 your healthiest yet? It’s a great time to think about our goals for health & fitness, but also it’s also a great time to think about how we can reduce our impact on the planet in 2021. Whatever your new year’s resolution, here’s some tips on how to make them stick!
  • Health

    Your health intention might be to eat more plants, consume less meat or feel confident in your swimmers. Once you’ve decided, ask yourself this:

    What will I gain if I stick to this goal?

    When you think about what awaits you at the finish line, is it worth it? The realisation of your resolution must conjure feelings of pride, empowerment, self-worth and joy.

    Can I measure my success along the way?

    Move away from unclear goals like, “I want to lose weight”. Resolutions like this often fail because they’re impossible to measure. In order to be successful with your intentions, you need grit, gusto and a good plan.

    What is my plan of attack?

    If you want 2021 to be your healthiest year yet, the best place to start is in the kitchen. Read our Our simple ways to eat clean and detox your body, remove any junk food from your pantry and follow a weekly meal plan.

  • Fitness

    Want to be more active this year? As we mentioned above, you need a plan. Commit to a fitness challenge at your gym or yoga studio, buy a month-long Pilates pass or pencil in a weekly walking date with a friend. Here’s a few tips to help you along the way.

    Love your body first

    It’s important to recognise all the good things your body does for you. If you can learn to love and appreciate your body regardless of the number on the scale, you will feel happy and confident. When you feel good on the inside, it will be reflected on the outside.

    Choose positive self-talk

    You might think you need to “lose weight” in order to look better, but what’s making you unhappy with the way you look right now? Tools like mindfulness can help you practice self-acceptance.

    As yourself: who will be there to support me?

    When you share your fitness intention with others and ask for their guidance and support along the way, you are more likely to succeed. You might even find a fitness buddy along the way!

  • Waste

    This year, we encourage you to change just one thing in your life to reduce waste. It might be to use beeswax wraps, buy in bulk at The Source Bulk Foods, say no to plastic straws or pick up rubbish every time you visit the beach. Every little thing adds up to make a big difference, so start small and once it’s become the norm, take another small step. Once you’ve got a clear goal in mind, get your family on board. Here’s a few ways you can involve them:

    Write a weekly waste inventory and stick it on the fridge.

    Inspect the contents of your bin each week. What went in there that could have been avoided? Find a list of alternatives like beeswax wraps or produce bags here.

    Buy in bulk.

    This one’s a no-brainer – come say hello!

    Read our 7 simple hacks for a zero-waste pantry and simple ways to detox your home.

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