Are you on-board with planting trees and alleviating extreme poverty? Have you heard of the Eden Reforestation Projects?
  • About


    Eden Reforestation Projects is non-profit organisation led by Dr. Steve Fitch. Fitch, who grew up in third-world culture in the Philippines, witnessed first-hand the decimation of deforestation on local villages and the environment. The locals, who had been raised over many generations in the area, were being threatened with relocation to refugee camps. Realising that deforestation wasn’t just happening in the Philippines, Fitch and a team launched Eden Reforestation Projects in Ethiopia in 2004.

    Since their humble beginnings, Eden Reforestation Projects have expanded into Madagascar, Haiti, Nepal, Indonesia and Mozambique. There, they not only help to restore healthy forests, but also offer employment to tens of thousands of people facing extreme poverty.

  • Vision


    While Eden Reforestation Projects’ primary goal is to lift people out of extreme poverty, alongside that they’ve become crusaders for the environment. By the year 2020, they hope to plant at least 100 million trees every year. Let’s say that again… 100 million trees! Here at The Source Bulk Foods, we realise how fortunate the planet (and you and I) are to have initiatives like Eden Reforestation Projects helping.

  • Benefits


    Trees help to reduce climate change

    Trees absorb harmful carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air and store it in their wood. They also release oxygen which we need to survive.

    Trees purify our air

    Have you ever felt that feeling of “cleaner” air in the forest or by the ocean? You can thank our trees for that! Trees absorb pollutant gases and purify the air we breathe.

    Keep us cool

    Trees keep us cool, especially in the city. When we remove the trees and replace them with heat-absorbing asphalt roads and buildings, the city heats up.

    Provide shelter for wildlife

    Our wonderful trees act as a natural habitat and food source for wildlife – we need to take care of our birds, insects, possums and bees!

For a number of years, The Source Bulk Foods have been supporting the incredible work done by Eden Reforestation Projects, helping them achieve their goal to plant trees, alleviate poverty and restore communities.

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