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At some stage in your life you’ve probably gone fivesies with your flatmates on a massive jar of Nutella or spent your last $20 on a sack of brown rice.

But saving your hard-earned pennies isn’t the only boon in procuring straight from The Source in Balmain.
Near half of the 350 products stocked in Paul and Emma’s new Darling Street digs are Biodynamic, organic or chemical-free, with owners Paul and Emma choosing Australian-grown wherever possible.

Bring your own containers (these guys are proudly plastic bag free), leave your weakness for pretty packaging (or any packaging) at the doorstep, and feel like kid at the pick ‘n’ mix lolly stand as you rifle through everything from organic spelt flower, to Epsom bath salts and Tibetan goji berries.
Of course The Source has a premium novelty factor too. Even the funniest of copycat home-brand product names have nothing on the joys of milling your own flour, rolling your own oats, grinding your own coffee or churning your own fresh butter nut combinations. Think Willy Wonka meets savvy, culinary hipster.

There might be power in numbers, but that doesn’t mean you need to deal with someone else’s sticky breadcrumbs in your hazelnut spread.

– See more at: http://www.dailyaddict.com.au/articles/the-source-balmain-bulk-foods/#sthash.Cvq55Hdb.dpuf

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