Raw Lemon Caramel Cheesecake with Buckini Base

This lovely ‘cheesecake’ is light and fresh with flavours of lemon, caramel and vanilla.  This lush vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free ‘cheesecake’ is the perfect treat to enjoy with friends on a lovely Spring or Summer’s day!
You can keep this cake in the freezer which is great because it can be made ahead of time.




  1. Line a 20cm spring form pan with baking paper and set aside.
  2. In a food processor add the coconut flakes, dates, vanilla powder, coconut oil, sea salt and half the buckinis and blend until combined. This will take a few minutes.
  3. Next place the mixture into a mixing bowl and add the rest of the buckinis, mixing together well with your hands.
  4. Press the base mixture firmly into the pre-­lined pan and set aside.
  5. Now add the filling ingredients to the food processor and blend until very smooth. This can take up to 10 minutes of stop start processing, but it’s worth it!
  6. Pour the creamy cashew mixture onto the base, then cover with cling wrap and place in the freezer to set overnight.
  7. When you are ready to serve, remove the cake and the tin from the freezer and place onto a serving plate.
  8. Gently melt the salted caramel chocolate over low heat, then drizzle it over the cake.

*Remove the cake from the freezer 15 – ­20 minutes before slicing and serving. Keep the leftover cake in an airtight container in the freezer. 


Recipe and images by Ashley Alexander from Gather and Feast.

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