Biodynamic Dried Apple Wedges

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An apple a day is perhaps one of the most delicious prescriptions ever made. A favourite for generations. The apples used for this product were grown using the biodynamic approach – an organic, holistic approach that recognises the interdependence of all creation resulting in a powerful and sensitive system of agriculture.

How to Use:

Dried apple wedges can be eaten as a snack as well as used for baked goods. The soft texture and subtle flavour of this product work well as an ingredient in compotes and for stuffing. Dried apple wedges can be diced and added to granola, trail mixes or cookies.


Biodynamic Dried Apple


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Nutritional information:                                                        

Per 50g serving Per 100 g
Energy 508.5 kJ 1017 kJ
Total Fat

–        Saturated Fat

0.15 g

0.05 g

0.3 g

0.1 g

Sodium 43.5 mg 87 mg
Total Carbohydrate

–       Fibre

–        Sugar

32.95 g

4.35 g

28.6 g

65.9 g

8.7 g

57.2 g

Protein 0.45 g 0.9 g

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