Fine Himalayan Salt

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Himalayan Crystal Salt is delicious, providing a more complex flavour to our food. Many chefs are incorporating this salt as a regular part of their seasoning repertoire.

How to Use:

The larger Himalayan salt crystals are hand-crushed to make this holistic, fine granulated salt small enough to be used in a common saltshaker or sprinkle on any dish.


Fine Granulated Himalayan Salt


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Country of Origin:

Nutritional information:                                                        

Per 50g serving Per 100 g
Calories 0 kJ 0 kJ
Total Fat

–        Saturated Fat

0 g

0 g

0 g

0 g

Sodium 19000 mg 39000 mg
Total Carbohydrate

–        Sugar

0 g

0 g

0 g

0 g

Protein 0 g 0 g

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