Organic Quinoa Flour

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Quinoa flour is made by grounding up the quinoa grain. It is mainly used in making baked goods.

How to Use:

Quinoa tastes great (it has a slightly sweet and nutty flavour) and also adds a lightness to baked goods without using white flour.  Quinoa flour makes great biscuits, muffins and pancakes.  It must be combined with gluten-rich flours when making cakes and breads that rise.

It can also be used as a thickening agent for sauces, as a cornflour would be used.


Organic Quinoa




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Nutritional information:                                                        

Per 50g serving Per 100 g
Calories 700 kJ 1400 kJ
Total Fat

–        Saturated Fat

1.45 g

0 g

2.9 g

0 g

Sodium 2.5 g 5 mg
Total Carbohydrate

–        Sugar

28.7 g

0 g

57.4 g

0 g

Protein 6.5 g 13 g
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