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  • Australian Mango Cheeks

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    Naturally sweet and delightfully chewy, dried mango cheeks are a delicious and nutritious tropical treat with no added sugar. Our mango cheeks are 100% sulphur-free, preservative-free and additive-free.

    How to Use:

    Dried mangos provide a great snack food. You can also use them in cakes, cookies, stuffings, yogurt and chutneys.


    Dried Mango Cheeks.


  • Australian Organic Raw Almonds

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    Almond is the name of the edible and widely cultivated seed. The fruit of the almond is a drupe, consisting of an outer hull and a hard shell with the seed (which is not a true nut) inside.    These raw Australian grown Almonds are certified organic which means they are grown without using pesticides. Almonds are a tasty source of energy and highly nutritious as well.

    How to Use:

    Can be used raw or in cooking such things as stir-fry’s, salads, trail mix and deserts.


    Organic Raw Almonds


  • Australian Roasted Macadamias

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    Macadamias are native to Australia, they are a creamy nut packed full of nutrients and flavour. The Macadamia has been roasted in an oven without the use of oils. They are crisp, crunchy and delicious.

    How to Use:

    Macadamias can be enjoyed on their own, they can be added to salads, stir fries, casseroles, baked goods, sweet dishes, confectionery, muesli, cereal, trail mixes.  You can also make macadamia butter, macadamia oil and macadamia meal.   


    Macadamias Dry Roasted

  • Australian Sunflower Seeds

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    With their crunchy, nutty taste, sunflower seeds can easily become a regular part of your daily diet. Sprinkle them on your salads or stir-fries, stir them into yogurt … the possibilities are as endless as the good qualities of these sun-loving seeds.

    Delicious for snacking, sunflower seeds also add a boost to your recipes. Sprinkle sunflower kernels over salads, cereals or desserts. Add the seeds to muffin, cake, or bread dough. Scatter some over the top of breads, muffins, cakes or cookies during the last five minutes of baking to toast the seeds, adding a crunchy texture to your recipe. In a coffee or spice grinder, grind the sunflower kernels and use as a substitute for flour when breading fried foods such as chicken or fish. Replace up to one fourth of the flour in baked goods recipes with ground sunflower seeds to benefit from the nutrition of the seeds.


    Australian Sunflower Seeds



  • Australian Walnuts

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    Australian walnuts have a freshness and superior quality. Walnuts have a creamy taste and pale kernel.


    How to Use:

    Walnuts are great for a snack also desserts, cakes, loaves, salads, soups, sauces, pastes and dips.






  • Australian Yellow Curry

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    This Australian Yellow Curry blend is a light fruity curry with Australian bushfoods – Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle and Mountain Pepperleaf. Indigenous Australians have harvested these local plants for generations, utilising them as a source of both food and medicine.

    The aromatic Myrtles in this delicious mix bring delightful citrus and aniseed flavours, while the Pepperleaf adds an earthy bite to traditional spices turmeric, coriander and cinnamon.  Ground chilli and lemongrass finish this beautiful, bright curry mix; reminiscent of a Thai style curry, but distinctly Australian – with its own wonderful flavours from the rain forests in northern NSW to the lush Tasmanian mountains.

    For recipe ideas click here.


    Turmeric, Salt, Pepper, Mountain Pepper Leaf, Coriander, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Anise Myrtle, Cinnamon, Ground Chilli, Lemon Grass.

    5% of all Bush Tucker Sales Proudly Donated to Outback Community Projects

  • Auto Dishwashing powder

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    Our dishwashing machine powder can get you better results from your dishwasher without chlorine bleaches. Entirely safe and biodegradable, no harmful residue left. Leaves dishes sparkling clean and the ozone layer does not suffer either.

    Product Benefits: 

    This auto dishwashing powder is safe and environmentally friendly and is low abrasive for your dishes.  No petrochemicals; no artifical perfumes or animal ingredients.  Safe for septic systems.

    How to Use:

    Fill up dishwasher compartment or sprinkle 2 Tbsp into dishwasher then add rinse aid and turn machine on.


    Coconut oil based cleaners, Salt, Soda Ash, Sodium Silicate, Spot reducer.


  • Banana Chips

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    These banana chips are made from slices of banana picked in the mature green stage, dipped in sugar and then fried in coconut oil with added banana flavour. Add these to your home made trail mix, muesli or as a lunch box snack.


    Bananas, Sugar, Coconut Oil, Banana Flavour (natural, contains maltodextrin derived from maize).


  • Banana Flour

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    This amazing fruit produced flour is a resistant starch, making it an amazing alternative to grain flours for cooking.

    This product is incredibly versatile. Use it in your smoothies as a bulk fibre rich additive, or for baking cakes, biscuits, pasta and short crust pastry.

    To use in baking, simply use 25% less flour than you would with other flours.


    100% natural green bananas

  • Bay Leaves

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  • Besan Chickpea Flour Organic

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    Flour made from ground dried chickpeas, it is also known as garbanzo flour or gram flour. It is primarily used in Indian and Pakistani cooking for making bread and savoury pastries such as poppadums/pakoras/bhajis.  It can also be used as a facial scrub.

    Besan chickpea flour has a characteristic nutty flavour that allows it to be mixed with very few ingredients to create delicious tasting and simple Indian inspired pastry/bread.

    How to use:

     * Use as simple base for creating many Indian breads/pastries.  For a great pakora batter, add 1 cup of besan flour to ¾ cup of water to this add your favourite Indian spices such as garam marsala, coriander, garlic and turmeric, mix together to from a batter and then coat your fresh vegetables and cook as desired.

    * Add equal amounts of water to flour and use as an egg replacement in vegan cooking

    * Add either water/ coconut oil/ yoghurt to flour and rub together to form a paste that may be used as a facial exfoliator.


    Organic Chickpeas.



  • Bhuja Mix

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    A delicious blend of fried noodles blended with green peas, split peas, peanuts, sultanas and seasoned with natural flavours. An easy snack food.                


    Multigrain flour (Pea, rice, tapioca), sunflower oil, peas, peanuts, sultanas, salt, natural spices



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