Organic Couscous

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This versatile fast food is an essential storecupboard staple – just soak it in boiling water and in  minutes you’ll have an accompaniment to meat, fish, cooked vegetables or tagines, or the makings of a hearty salad.

How to Use:

Pour one cup of lightly salted boiling water or stock over 1 cup of couscous. Cover and allow the couscous to swell for 5 minutes. Fluff up couscous with a fork and add butter and spices if desired. Stir cooked vegetables such as roasted peppers and mushrooms, or toss with chopped nuts and dried fruits and flavour with a pinch of your favourite spice. Or serve cooked couscous as a dessert, sweetened with ground cinnamon.


Organic Cous Cous

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Nutritional information:                                                        

Per 50g serving Per 100 g
Calories 787 kJ 1573 kJ
Total Fat-

Saturated Fat

0.3 g

0.1 g

0.6 g

0.2 g

Sodium 5 mg 10 mg
Total Carbohydrate-        Sugar 38.3 g

1.3 g

76.6 g

2.5 g

Protein 6.4 g 12.8 g

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