In Australia, we love our food – it’s everywhere! Unfortunately, though, our relationship with food, and those who grow and produce it, has shifted so dramatically in the past century that it’s becoming increasingly harder to find real food. No longer do we have a cousin who owns a farm, a neighbour who has chickens or a veggie patch out the back. Thankfully, there are still plenty of things we can do to get our hands on real, Australian-grown food – we just have to dig a little deeper. Find out why Australian-grown food is always the better choice.
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    It’s simple: real food tastes better. Not only is local produce more flavoursome, it’s also more nutrient-dense and of a higher quality. When you can, buy organic.


    It reduces food miles. Purchasing local and seasonal produce reduces food miles and celebrates regional cuisines and local food traditions.


    It keeps local farmers and producers in business. By supporting Australian-grown food, you’ll vote with your money. This helps to support jobs, economic development and prosperity in Australia and has a flow-on effect that positively impacts all families and local communities.

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    It encourages a reduced use of food additives, toxins and genetic modification – not to mention reduced waste! This is one of the things we pride ourselves on at The Source Bulk Foods.


    It supports small-to-medium enterprises and alternative retailers. Look up your local delis, greengrocers or butchers.


    It reduces plastic and food waste. When shopping at your local farmers’ market, your basket will look a lot different (and healthier) than it would if you shopped at a supermarket. Major supermarket chains love apple and orange stickers, plastic fruit bags, plastic cling wrap, plastic trays and other unnecessary waste.

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    It expands your mind. Australians love to chat – especially farmers! Ask questions and educate yourself and others about food and the environment.


    It’s better for our environment. Here in Australia, we have important environmental protection policies that must be adhered to by our growers, farmers, producers and sellers. By supporting them, you directly support the health of our planet.


    It allows you to spend time together. Going to the farmers’ markets together as a family gives you all a chance to slow down and connect. Sharing homegrown, lovingly prepared food is a direct investment into the health and wellbeing of you and your family.

There are so many benefits and reasons to buy Australian-grown amidst the changing food landscape; so do yourself, your family and the environment a favour and support our local Aussie farmers and communities.

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