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Zero waste is more than a philosophy, it’s a way of life that lies close to our heart and one that we strive towards. It’s about mindfulness, taking small steps to rethink the way we shop, how we reuse and recycle in order to achieve a giant leap for the future health of our environment and, of course, our children. From sourcing our produce locally, to our plastic bag free promise, The Source Bulk Foods is continually finding new ways to embrace the zero waste mentality.

We encourage all of our customers to bring their own refillable bags and bottles when shopping instore. You’ll be surprised just how much packaging you can save from landfill with a few simple changes to your shopping routine.

It’s about mindfulness… taking small steps to rethink the way we shop, reuse and recycle.


We view each of our stores as both an opportunity and a responsibility. It’s our opportunity to make a positive difference within the local community, and our responsibility to nurture the global community for future generations. By rethinking the way we shop, we’re contributing to the sustainability of our environment and supporting organisations, charities and communities that are leading the push for a better, cleaner world. Your help so far is just the beginning.

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Choose from over 400 bulk food bins filled with all your favourite quality ingredients. Browse our affordable range of vegan, paleo, organic, gluten friendly food options and delicious assortment of healthy treats. From locally sourced honey, to cooking oils, natural cleaning products and personal care products, The Source Bulk Foods can help you create a healthier home inside and out.

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