No artificial flavours. No artificial colours.


NAFNAC is fun to say out loud.  Try saying it three times fast!


It’s a term that’s been used for years in the food industry but we think it’s worth you knowing as well so that you can make informed decisions when you do your food shopping.

NAFNAC = No artificial flavours. No artificial colours.


NAFNAC-No artifical flavours or colours


Our NAFNAC products taste and look great, naturally!

Too often artificial colours and flavours are added by manufacturers to ‘improve’ the appearance and taste of food.  They use them to catch your eye.  The artificial additives mask unwanted, dull colours or bland flavours and, because artificial colours and flavours are often cheaper, it lowers their production costs.  These artificial additions are not needed though.  There are natural, healthy options available using what Mother Nature has given us.

Everyone is much more informed these days and, whilst we still like beautiful colours and delicious flavours, we want them to come from natural ingredients.  Luckily, we at The Source get to work with some fantastic food makers that are able to make delicious products using all of the colours and flavours that Mother Nature gives us.


Food doesn’t need to be coloured with something made in a plant, it can be coloured by ingredients that are grown on a plant!


Pink can come from beetroot or pitaya fruit, blue or green from spirulina, yellow from turmeric or saffron.  We have a rainbow of colours available to us without the need for artificial ones.  And, why would we want to eat artificial flavours when we can enjoy the taste that comes from real fruit, nuts, herbs and spices?

Beautiful colours and delicious flavours.

Over the last few years, The Source has worked hard to remove any products that had artificial flavours and colours from our stores and replace them with healthy, natural options that are NAFNAC.  We still have all your favourites which shows that it can be done without these artificial ingredients.


We’re not quite there yet, only a few to go, but our range is almost 100%  NAFNAC.  Naturally delicious lollies and fruit-filled chocolates, brightly coloured pastas that the kids love, all-natural options for breakfast and smoky, spicy nuts using nothing but what nature has given us.


That’s why our products taste so great.  We’ve done the hard work with our makers to remove artificial flavours and colours so that you can feel confident that you’re buying the healthiest options for yourself and your family.


Look for the NAFNAC logo in our store.  You will be surprised at the wonderful array of products we have that taste and look great, naturally.


Did you know that over 70% of products sold from our display bins is Australian?



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