Clean Up Australia Day Youth Ambassador, Arlian, was at the Sydney Opera House for the 30 Year Celebration of Clean Up Australia Day on the 3rd of March. Clean Up Australia reached out to Arlian to help promote their message to young people. Feeling very honoured, he took part in the celebrations, inviting young people to join the biggest community event in Australia.
  • He has been presenting his film PLASTIC ALARM, made with his mother Karin, a professional film maker, in Schools around Australia and overseas. 1000s of kids have been educated and inspired by him about the problems and solutions of plastic pollution. For this accomplishment he was nominated the GREEN GLOBE AWARDS by the NSW Department of Environment and has been asked to present at Eco Expos and other Summits.


    Arlian has only just turned 13 years old, but his Plastic Free Boy Project has changed his life profoundly. He feels empowered to make a difference and help with the global plastic pollution crisis, which he understands will impact his generation’s future greatly. He feels inspired to change the world by empowering others to let go of single use plastic and to turn to reusable solutions instead. Teachers and School Principals have been amazed how much the students take on his message and implement change straight away at home and at school.

  • Arlian says he has big plans to continue making films to create a more in depth insight into our human capacity to solve climate change issues. His main passion, like his mother, is with the ocean and to save the marine animals from dying of our plastic pollution. Both want to do more films around the ocean problems. Karin produced several documentaries under water for TV in Europe and is ready to take Arlian on the next stage of their journey and make under water documentaries which educate, empower, inspire like David Attenborough, just this time through the eyes and voice of a young person, that people can relate to.


To support his mission, book a film screening or get in touch with him directly, click HERE.

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