In our opinion, ANZAC biscuits are up there with one of Australia’s greatest creations, closely followed by lamingtons and pavlova. As you can tell, we’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth here at The Source!
  • When biting into a chewy Anzac biscuit have you ever considered where the tradition came from? Culinary historian, Allison Reynolds, spent 18 months searching through old recipe books trying to answer the question on everyone’s crumb-coated lips: who made the first Anzac biscuit?


    She discovered that the first version of this rolled oats-based biscuit appeared around 1823. Over the next century, the Anzac biscuit took on many different names, such as ‘crispies’ and ‘surprise biscuits’. Then, around the early years of WWI, the name started to develop to ‘red cross biscuits’ and ‘soldier biscuits’.


    The biscuits were sent by wives and women’s groups to soldiers abroad, specifically the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC). Due to accessible ingredients, the simple cooking method and lack of eggs, the biscuits didn’t easily spoil and kept well during naval transportation. It was here, they took the new title of ANZAC biscuits and have been loved by Australians ever since.

  • Our ANZAC Biscuit ‘Recipe in a Jar’

    Have you tried our Anzac Biscuit ‘Recipe in a Jar’? It’s our version of this popular Aussie cookie, tastes delicious and is so simple to make. Why not pick up a jar this April? Not only will your friends and family (and your tastebuds!) be impressed, but you’ll be directly supporting Legacy.


    Since 1914, Legacy has been supporting the dependants of those who served for Australia, namely veterans who gave their lives or health as a result of their military service. The charity currently cares for around 60,000 beneficiaries, with 96 per cent being elderly widows throughout Australia. Again, this April, we’ll be donating $2 from every Anzac Biscuit ‘Recipe in a Jar’ sold to Legacy. Together, we can continue to support the spirit of ANZAC.

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