Broadsheet – The Source Bulk Foods

Having realised there were very few specialised bulk-food shops, The Source Bulk Foods crew opened the first store in Mullumbimby on the northern New South Wales coast in 2012. Then it opened the Balmain store and another in Willoughby in 2013.

The store provides customers with a huge range of high-quality bulk-food products, reduced packaging and waste and it supports Australian suppliers and local communities. And it’s been a big hit.

The stores stock more than 400 bulk products, with a container and scoop self-serve set up. The range of bulk products includes nuts, seeds, grains, cereals, flour, rice, honey, oils, confectionary, snacks and products for cleaning and personal care. It also offers a range of tea and organic coffee to purchase by the scoop.

Customers are welcome to buy as little or as much as they like from the great selection of organic and conventional products. The Source is proudly plastic-bag free, with paper bags on hand and customers encouraged to bring along their own bottles and jars. It provides its own labels, so when you get the jars home they are ready to pop straight in your pantry.

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