Imagine this was your choice: drink dirty water that could kill you, or die of thirst. This is the devastating daily reality for millions of people around the world who don’t have access to safe drinking water.
  • We take it for granted that when we turn on the tap we’ll have clean running water, but there are a staggering 650 million people who are missing out on this basic human right.

    It has a huge impact on people’s lives. Every day, hundreds of children die of diarrhoea after drinking contaminated water; women and children waste time and energy walking long distances to collect dirty water (and consequently have less time for education, making a living and caring for their children); people are constantly sick, and some even drown in the ponds and lakes where they collect water.

  • It’s a heartbreaking situation, which is why we have decided to throw our support behind a charity that is working towards a world where everyone has access to safe drinking water.

    WaterAid has been working since 2010 to supply clean water to communities in places like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Malawi, Nepal, Mozambique and Tanzania.

    The charity works with communities to come up with practical, low cost and sustainable solutions that will provide a reliable supply of safe clean water, such as wells, rainwater tanks, bores and hand pumps.

  • WaterAid also helps improve sanitation and hygiene in these communities – simple steps that have a huge impact on people’s health and quality of life.

    The Source has decided to donate $2 from every sale of our new white marble stainless steel reusable water bottles to WaterAid, to support the amazing work they do.


  • By purchasing one of these bottles, you will be helping WaterAid to achieve its goal of a world where everyone has access to clean water and sanitation.

    You’ll also be doing your bit to support another cause we are passionate about – reducing waste.

    Close to a billion single-use plastic water bottles are thrown away in Australia each year, many of which end up in waterways, pollute our oceans and kill our marine life.

In a part of the world where we are lucky enough to have some of the safest drinking water in the world, we think this is ridiculous, and a completely avoidable problem. Bottled water is simply unnecessary.

A good quality reusable bottle that you can fill with tap water before you leave home (if you don’t like the taste of tap water use a water filter or purifier) is all you need to ditch plastic water bottles forever.

Like our original bottle, our new white marble bottle is safe, practical and stylish. Made from high-quality BPA-free double insulated 18/8 stainless steel, it keeps liquid fresh and cool for up to 24 hours or warm for up to 12 hours and will not leach any toxic chemicals.

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