Are you passionate about leading a healthy, ethical lifestyle and want to offer the same to your community?  Are you wanting to own your own business but would like to have a tried and tested business model and an experienced support team to back you up?


Do you love The Source and wonder what it would be like to own a store and be part of an Australian company that is making a positive difference to their customers and the environment?


If you’re thinking of joining a franchise, take The Source Discovery Journey to find out if we’re the right one for you.


Paul Medeiros, Co-Founder & CEO



  1. Fill in the details in the form below.
  2. We will call you to have a chat about The Source Bulk Foods and to explain how the next steps of the Discovery Journey work.
  3. We send you a copy of our Confidentiality Deed to sign and return.
  4. You then receive a comprehensive package of information which tells you more about The Source Bulk Foods.
  5. We catch up with you via a video conference. This is your chance to get to know us better and ask as many questions as you like.
  6. If you’re excited to proceed, we ask you to complete an application form.
  7. Next, we guide you through the process of doing your due diligence of our franchise and this includes meeting our General Manager.
  8. Once you are approved as a Franchise Partner, you pay a $5,500 deposit which is fully refundable if the store doesn’t proceed.
  9. Then (and this is the highlight of the journey), we get you into one of our stores so that you can experience a day in the life of The Source Bulk Foods.
  10. Now that we all agree that we are a perfect match, we get started on finding you a great site for your new store.

Are you ready to get started? 


The Source is an exciting and successful retail concept

that leads by example and inspires local communities to make better choices

whilst also providing the potential for a fantastic income for our Franchise Partners.

We have always lived a healthy lifestyle and been interested in good food.  It was awesome to find a business like The Source Bulk Foods and when the opportunity to franchise a store came along, we jumped at it.  Our franchise has allowed us to own and operate a business that we love working in.  It generates a fantastic income as well as allowing us to enjoy the type of lifestyle that we are looking for.”

Norm & Suzie, Franchise Partners


Together with our Franchise Partners, the difference we make is in improving the life of others by not only educating our customers on the benefits of healthy eating and the impact of waste on our planet, but also with our support of community and sustainability projects and offering local employment opportunities.  We would like to extend an invitation to you, to explore the opportunity of becoming part of an inspirational business that is leading a movement and is in a growing market segment.  A business that will make you proud and one that you will enjoy.

Paul & Emma, Founders



How long does the Discovery Journey and my approval as a Franchise Partner take?

The process could take two to three months.  We need to ensure that it’s not too rushed so that you have time to speak with your advisors and also so that we all get to decide that we are the right fit for each other.  We’re going to be together for a long time so this process is really important.


Is the application deposit refundable?

Yes, the application deposit is refundable during the recruitment process right up until the time you are approved as a Franchise Partner, if your store doesn’t proceed.  After that, it is still refundable if your store doesn’t proceed less reasonable costs incurred throughout the recruitment and induction process to that point.


What is the cost for setting up a new The Source Bulk Foods store?

A new store costs approximately $350,000 to $400,000 but it does vary depending on the size of the site, its location and also the requirements of the site itself.  This cost includes the initial franchise fees, fit out costs, fixtures and fittings, training, instore support and stock.  It doesn’t include the bank guarantee that the landlord will require though, which is paid at the beginning of the lease and is refunded back to you at the end of the lease if all conditions are met.

In many cases, you might receive a fitout contribution from your landlord to help offset these set up costs.  Landlords provide this to ensure a quality build and the amount, if it’s offered, is negotiated at the same time as the initial terms of the lease.


Do I need to find the site for my store?

You certainly can and we welcome proactive Franchise Partners who get out looking for the perfect site in their area.  We do have a site finder who will also be looking but, in our opinion, no one knows an area quite as well as the people that lives there.  If you do find a site, we can help do the due diligence to assess whether it is likely to be suitable for and accepted by The Source Bulk Foods.


How long are the Franchise Agreement and lease terms?

A Franchise Agreement term is typically 5 years with an option for a further five years.  Lease terms differ depending on the outcome of negotiations with the landlord and can be anywhere from 5 to 7 years.  When you are at this stage in the journey, we can provide further information about both of these agreements.


What skills or experience do I need to be a franchise partner?

People skills are the most valuable skills for any retail business owner.  Being a franchise with a knowledgeable support team, we can train you in any other skills that you need such as understanding your financials, managing a team, budgeting and stock management.  There’s also no requirement for skills and experience in the food industry but it does help if you enjoy food!  Your enthusiasm for the products you sell will rub off on your team and your customers.

Apart from that, you should have an ethical approach to business, have a passion for healthy living and an ambition to succeed.  Plus, you have to be hard working.  We’ve created a great system, but it’s your hard work that will drive it to succeed.


Will I receive training?

The training that new Franchise Partners receive is amazing.  Apart from the one day spent in a store during the Discovery Journey, you will also spend five days in our training store on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.  If you’re going to do training, it may as well be somewhere fabulous!  During that week, you will undergo training in customer service, front of house procedures, use of the point of sale system (POS), back of house reporting and ordering, store management and managing your social media.

Plus, when your store opens, we send out trainer to you for about ten days.  The trainer will arrive about five days before your grand opening day and take your team through training in customer service, POS, product knowledge and procedures.  The trainer will then stay with you in your store for approximately another five days.  During this time, the trainer will continue to train your team and guide you also so that you have the confidence to run your store once we leave.


What ongoing support will I receive?

Once your store is underway and your initial training has ended, you will have a Franchise Coordinator from our Operations Team available to you who can help guide you through just about every aspect of your business.

There is also the Marketing Team who prepare fantastic national promotions, assist stores with their local area marketing, and work to build brand awareness.  Plus, there’s the Procurement Team who work with our suppliers to source product that meets our ethos and at the best price possible.

There’s no shortage of people with the skills and expertise to help you drive your business.


Do I need to work in my business?

The most successful The Source Bulk Foods stores are owner-operated.  There is nothing quite like the drive for profitability that an owner has to ensure that a business is successful.  We also aim for locally owned stores where the person that owns the business lives in the area – we think this is good for the community as well as for the business.  So, our goal is to work with Franchise Partners who are committed to working full time in their business, at least for the first year, and then after that remain hands-on and active in order to ensure success.




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