All nuts are incredibly good for you, but almonds are one of the best when it comes to nutrition, flavour and versatility.They’re packed with plant-based protein and contain a great source of fibre (essential for digestive health). They’re also a source of healthy fats and have similar health properties to avocados or olive oil.

What are the benefits of almonds?

  1. The ultimate snack
  2. Almond oil
  3. Almond milk
  • 1. The ultimate snack

    Almonds make a great snack, because their protein and fibre create slow release energy and leave you feeling full. Almonds can also be used in so many other ways – in baking, stir fries, blended to create almond butter, made into almond milk, or transformed into a savoury almond sauce to pour over your salads or roast veggies.


    At The Source, we have almonds for everyone. From raw, organic and activated to delicious dark-choc coated. Here are a few of our faves:

    Insecticide Free Raw almonds: 

    Perfect for snacking, making almond milk , grinding into almond flour, or making raw almond butter.

    Dry Roasted Australian Almonds:

    Dry roasted almonds have the same nutritional benefits as raw almonds, but are crunchier and have a ‘nuttier’ flavour that some people prefer for snacking. Can also be used for a roasted almond butter.

    Organic Activated Almonds:

    Our organic activated almonds are raw almonds that have been soaked to release their enzyme inhibitors. This makes them easier to digest and the nutrients more accessible. After soaking they are dehydrated at a low temperature, which results in a flavour and texture similar to roasted almonds.

    Tamari Almonds:

    These addictive little snacks are made by roasting premium creamy almonds in wheat free Tamari Sauce, which gives them a delicious savoury flavour. Great for snacking, or chop them roughly and toss over salads, veggies, tempeh, tofu or meat.

  • 2. Almond oil

    Applying pure almond oil to your skin and hair is a great way to nourish yourself! The oils from almonds provide lots of moisture and have a wonderful, soothing effect.

  • 3. Almond milk

    Home-made almond milk, or mylk, is so much better than store bought versions  – it’s fresher, creamier, yummier and more nutritious. You can use almond milk in place of dairy milk in almost anything – coffee, tea, smoothies, on cereal or granola, or in your baking.

    Many people prefer the taste of almond milk that has been sweetened. You can do this by adding a dash of maple syrup, or try adding a few soaked medjool dates, some cinnamon and vanilla before you blend.

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Almond facts

Almonds (Prunus Dulcis) are a species of tree native to Middle Eastern regions of Syria, Turkey and Pakistan. The almond nuts are classified with peach seeds, distinguished from the corrugations on the shell that surround the seed.


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