Isn’t it time that you started something good? It doesn’t really matter what it is, big or small. Starting something good is satisfying, motivating and challenging, and the end result may come with far more benefits than you ever anticipated. What’s the ‘something good’ that you want to start? Make it small but achievable. Something that makes you just that little bit happier or your family a little bit healthier, and hopefully something that’s good for the planet too. No matter what your goal is, it can never be achieved unless you get started. Start something good with us! Here are TEN IDEAS to get you started!
  • 1. Makeover the Pantry


    Cooking is so much more fun when your pantry is well stocked and everything is easy to find. Our great range of jars is perfect for storing everything from herbs right up to flours and pasta and means that everything can be seen at a glance.  

    2. Refresh the Spices

    Herbs and spices go stale and lose their punch after a while, so they don’t add much flavour to cooking at all. Keep the jars though, as they can be washed and brought into us to be refilled. You will be surprised how much you will save by bringing your own containers.   

  • 3. Go Natural in the Bathroom

    If you’ve already made a start on eating healthily, why not look at the other things that also impact your body such as the soaps and shampoos that you put on your skin? Our range often surprises people, not only because they are low toxic and natural, but because they are very effective and smell amazing. The lemon myrtle body wash is sensational! 

    4. Start the Day Off Right

    We all live our lives with such a sense of urgency that sometimes we forget the pleasure of starting the day gently. Have a nice shower and then sit for a while drinking a soothing herbal tea or home-brewed mug of coffee. Enjoy a bowl of delicious muesli topped with yoghurt and fruit, or make a batch of buckwheat pancakes. Relax. The day will get started soon enough, why rush? 

  • 5. Enjoy Healthy Treats


    The Source is definitely good for healthy and delicious snacks for every occasion. Our nut-free paleo balls (Try our Banana Cinnamon Lunchbox Balls) and Apricot Logs are perfect for kids lunchboxes or pick them up a wholesome treat for after school. And, because you can buy as little or as much as you like, you can make up some fabulous platters with a wide selection of chocolates, nuts and savoury snacks for when guests come over.  


    6. Start Sprouting

    Since many of our seeds and grains are organic, they’re ideal for growing fresh sprouts at home. Grow your own wheatgrass or barley grass in flat trays, it’s easier than you think. Or sprout seeds in an old jar with a stocking over the top. Try fenugreek, mung beans, soya beans, and alfalfa. They are all amazing in salads and are ready in just over a week. 

  • 7. Start Baking


    Whether it’s just for the joy of creating culinary delights, or the pleasure that comes from the rhythm of kneading dough, or for the smile of a special person when they are given a homemade birthday cake, baking is good for the soul. Make time to enjoy a few hours of leisurely baking. That would make everyone’s day. 


    8. Shop Mindfully

    Do you dread going to the supermarket where you have to dodge trolleys, get bamboozled by labels, inundated by noise, and frustrated by queues?  And yet you enjoy the weekend markets where you can take your time, stop for a chat, perhaps get offered a sample, and find out more about the food that you’re buying. If you have to go shopping, why not make it a gentle and relaxed experience?  One that gives you the chance to see the food without it being hidden behind the packaging, where the price is just for quality and not wasted plastic, and where you can get the answers you need from people that know. 

  • 9. Make One More Small Change


    If you’re shopping with us, you’re probably already trying to reduce plastic in your life.  What’s the next thing that you can do along the journey? How about changing to our bamboo toothbrushes? That’s an easy change. Or switch to using beeswax wraps instead of cling wrap, or use fabric bags at the grocers instead of their plastic ones. Three tiny changes, but one big impact on the environment.


    10. Colour Your Life Naturally

    Sometimes labels can look like you’re reading a science textbook, with all their colours and preservatives. None of this is necessary. We have a huge range of chocolates, snacks and products made with allnatural ingredients without any artificial colours and preservatives. You can definitely taste the difference. Ask our friendly staff for guidance on which products are best suited to your preferences.

The Source Bulk Foods is the start of something good. What’s you’re ‘something good’ that we can help get you started on?

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