Nuts and seeds are powerhouses of nutrition. They offer plenty of good healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants that help fuel your body and assist the immune system and metabolism. Nuts have a protective ingredient in them called phytic acid, which acts as a mineral blocker and can make digestion hard work. For this reason it can be beneficial to soak your nuts before eating them.
  • Making Nut Milk:

    Dairy products can be very mucous forming in the body and many people are also intolerant to dairy. Although there are now many dairy free types of milk on the market, it is easy and fun to make your own nut milk at home.

    Almond milk is perhaps the most common and versatile of nut milks, yet you can also use pecans, hazelnuts and even sunflower seeds.


  • For Basic Almond Milk:

    Soak 1 cup of almonds overnight or up to 2 days. Place the almonds in a bowl and cover with about 2cm of water. They will plump as they absorb water. Let stand, uncovered, overnight or up to 2 days. The longer the almonds soak, the creamier the almond milk.

    Drain and rinse the almonds. Drain the almonds and rinse them thoroughly under cool running water.

    Combine the almonds and 2 cups of water in the blender.

    Blend at the highest speed for 2 minutes. Pulse the blender a few times to break up the almonds, then blend continuously for two minutes. The almonds should be broken down into a very fine meal and the water should be white and opaque.

    Strain the almonds. Strain the almond milk through a nut milk bag. Squeeze and press to extract as much almond milk through the bag as possible. You can use the left over almond pulp for all kinds of things like oatmeal, hummus, homemade granola, smoothies, cookie or muffin batter, crackers, or you can even dehydrate it and then blend it up to make almond meal or freeze it until you need it.

    Refrigerate almond milk. Store the almond milk in a jar or sealed container in the fridge for up to 4 days.

  • How to use almond milk:

    You can use your almond milk just as you would any milk; in smoothies, hot drinks on cereal, in baking or just as it is! For delicious creamy milk try blending your almond milk with a teaspoon of coconut nectar, a teaspoon of coconut oil and a pinch of salt.

    Nut milk is a fun and simple addition to your lifestyle, not only is it good for your health, it will also save you money and reduce your waste at home.

Nut milk bags are useful little bags that are used to separate nut milk from the nut pulp. Nut milk bags are sold at The Source Bulk Foods.  Make sure you wash them thoroughly after use and hang them in a place where they can dry until next time.

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