So it’s time to check-in! How are you tracking with your health goals? Are you still feeling motivated? It’s easy to rely on the momentum of a new year to keep you on track with your health goals but, as the freshness of the year wears of, it’s time to use gumption and grit. Here are five wellness tips to keep your new year’s resolutions on track.
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    Get Clear

    Is your health goal clear in your mind? Is it achievable and measurable? Remember, using an intention like, “I want to lose weight” is vague and hard to measure. Instead, try “I’d like to comfortably run 10 kilometres” or “I’d like to feel confident in my bikini”. You need to be clear with your language when it comes to setting goals.

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    Meal Planning

    Planning your meals for the upcoming week is key to healthy eating. Before doing the groceries, write down the meals you’ll cook (and eat!) for the week plus any snacks or staples. From that list, create your weekly meal planner and stick it on the fridge. Then, it’s time to go shopping!

  • 3

    Meal Prep

    If you’re not equipped with prepared meals, you are more likely to reach for something sugary and unhealthy. Using the weekly meal planner mentioned above, start cooking. Once the meals have cooled, place them in reusable lunchboxes and jars and pop them in the fridge for the week ahead. You should have anywhere between 10-15 containers of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas.

  • 4

    Choose Healthy Snacks

    Be sure to include lots of healthy snacks like nuts, seeds and fruit. Why not try something new – our Walnut & Cacao Nib Bliss Balls and Banana & Coconut Teff Muffins are delicious!

It’s at this point that many of us give up on our new year’s resolution, but it’s worth revisiting your plan – see what’s working for you and what needs to be tweaked. You set that goal for a reason so you owe it to yourself to stick at it! Good luck!

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