You’ve probably heard by now that there are more bacteria living in your gut than there are cells in your body. It’s no wonder, then, that these bacteria have a significant impact on your health. Having the wrong gut bacteria can mean negative effects like bloating, abdominal pain, reflux or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Equally, having the right bacteria can have you feeling great in both your body and mind. The good news is that getting the right bacteria in your gut is mostly a result of your diet. So, what are some good gut health foods?
  • Gut health foods to incorporate regularly

    What you eat, or don’t eat, is the strongest tool you have for maintaining good gut health.

    Eat foods rich in different fibre to cleanse the gut

    Ensure you consume a variety of different vegetables, legumes, whole grains, fruit, nuts and seeds. Try our Recipe in a Jar coconut curry lentil soup mix for a quick and easy meal!
    Tip:  Make yourself a simple lentil salad with a large serving of vegetables, a side of sauerkraut and a sprinkle of sea vegetables. Dress with a dash of apple cider vinegar and lemon juice.

    Eat foods rich in soluble fibre to soothe the gut

    Oats, barley, legumes, tempeh, psyllium husk, linseeds, fruits and vegetables.
    Tip:  Visit your local The Source Bulk Foods and make yourself homemade muesli that includes oats, bran straws, psyllium husk, linseeds, gluten-free grains, ground cinnamon and other spices, nuts and seeds.

    Eat foods rich in insoluble fibre

    Brown rice, oat bran, linseeds, root vegetables, brazil nuts, peas and coconut products such as organic long thread coconut & organic coconut flakes.
    Tip:  Cook up a tasty stir-fry using a rainbow of vegetables and serve on cooked brown rice with a sprinkle of nuts and seeds.

  • Eat foods rich in prebiotics

    Organic miso is a blend of fermented rice and organic soya beans, rich in essential minerals and a good source of various B vitamins, vitamins E, K and folic acid. Also, onion, garlic, legumes such as organic soy beans, green bananas, organic green banana resistant starch, chicory, dandelion, raw potato starch and asparagus. For a great prebiotic drink try our roasted dandelion root and chicory served hot or chilled. Our organic green banana resistant starch contains 38% resistant starch, higher than any other tested food source. You only need a tablespoon in your smoothie or a couple mixed in with your baking.

    Tip:  Using our organic green banana flour, which is high in resistant starch, make yourself some gut-loving pancakes!

    Consume soothing liquids

    Organic bone broth, natural gelatin mixed in water, our organic golden turmeric chai or organic sencha green, dandelion chai or organic peppermint tea. Boost these soothing liquids by adding a teaspoon of organic coconut oil or coconut MCT oil.
    Tip:  One of our favourite ways to enjoy bone broth is served warm and poured over some raw vegetables like broccoli, beans, peas or carrot. Add a few dollops of grass fed organic Australian ghee on top and serve.

    Include daily supplements

    Chlorella, spirulina, blue spirulina and collagen. Make your own gut gummies with our natural gelatin. Try our Orange & Turmeric Gummies recipe here. Don’t forget to incorporate organic coconut oil into your diet, it provides excellent gut support and other benefits.
    Tip:  If you’re not a fan of green powders, try mixing it with a fresh green juice or adding to a green smoothie to disguise the taste.

    Head into your local The Source Bulk Foods to shop our wide range of healthy foods and supplements.

  • Growing a healthy gut garden

    It’s helpful to think of your gut being like the soil in a garden. For plants to be strong, robust and vibrant in colour, the soil needs to contain the perfect balance of nutrients and micro-organisms. Similarly, your gut needs to be fed with nutrient-rich foods to foster the growth of good bacteria.

    Think of the following gut health foods as fertiliser for your inner garden. Try to mix them up to help diversify the beneficial bacteria in your gut.

    Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV)

    Raw organic apple cider vinegar encourages the growth of friendly gut bacteria and enables better digestion.


    A fizzy, probiotic tea brewed from a bacteria called a SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). Kombucha is rich in inflammation-fighting B vitamins, vitamin C, digestive enzymes and probiotics. Plus, you can sample our very own locally sourced organic kombucha on tap! Ask our team at your local store. Read everything you need to know about Kombucha on our blog here.


    Raw fermented cabbage is a rich source of probiotics, vitamins, minerals and digestive enzymes. Plus, it’s easy to make at home, try experimenting with flavours by adding herbs & spices such as bay leaves, caraway seeds, oregano, whole fennel seeds, organic ground turmeric, whole cumin seeds or nigella seeds. Selected The Source Bulk Foods stores stock locally made sauerkraut, check with your nearest store.

    Coconut yoghurt

    Coconut yoghurt is a dairy-free way to consume digestive enzymes and probiotics.


    A fermented, tangy drink with a thin yoghurt-like consistency. Kefir can be made from dairy milk or coconut water using live kefir grains.

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