Metal clothes peg might just about be the best clothes peg ever! They last for years, no matter what the weather. They don’t fall apart like the ones with the springs, and they don’t have those little spaces where spiders like to live. Plus, there’s no plastic in sight and unlike the timber ones, won’t leave marks on your clothes.
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  • How does switching to metal clothes pegs help our planet?


    We know that the plastic pegs are an environmental disaster, not just because they are made from plastic but also because they quickly become brittle and splinter, leaving tiny shards of plastic all over the countryside. And timber pegs are not perfect either. They usually end up rotting and falling apart, don’t cope well in the weather, and usually come packaged in plastic as well.

  • Metal clothes pegs are made from one piece of wire so they won’t fall apart and, because they are made from grade 201 stainless steel, you can be confident that they will last for many years.  They also hold clothes tightly, ideal if you live in a windy area.


    The question now though is, once you have your new metal clothes pegs, will you leave them on the line, or will you bring them inside between washes? It’s one of those debates that has raged for years. Try asking your friends what they do with their pegs and we can almost guarantee that the discussions will get almost as heated as when debating whether the milk should go in first or last when pouring a pot of tea.

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