You don’t have to be a morning person to create a mindful morning routine that works for you. With a few tips and tricks, even the latest risers can set the right tone for the day. There is a sense that to ease into the day slowly is reserved for the lazy. While it’s true our mornings are a sacred time, and done right can grant us a day of productivity and peace of mind, they should not be a cause for anxiety. Take the first minutes of the day to make yourself feel good, here’s how.
  • Find your waking sweet spot 


    Experiment with your wake time to find the sweet spot that works for you. If you usually leave just enough time to get to your work place (even if that’s now the kitchen table), try rising just half an hour earlier to give you the space you need to enjoy the morning.  

  •  Embrace the flexible routine 


    Your schedule may be different every day. Some days you will be tired and need space for rest, on others you will be raring to go. While consistency is the cornerstone of routine, flexibility allows for a “what works for you” mantra. Give yourself permission to listen to your needs and chuck out the rule book out when it’s required.  

  • Resist technology 


    Social media algorithms are designed to keep us scrolling (and scrolling). If the first thing you do in the morning is open Instagram or Twitter, you’re probably wasting some precious moments. Avoid the temptation of reaching for your phone by turning it on to a “Do Not Disturb” setting until 9 am, or whenever you’re ready to start your work day. Those notifications can wait until after your morning brew.  

  • Begin with a small pleasure 


    Taking a few moments in the morning to focus on something that brings you joy sets you up for happiness. It could be a “proper cup” of coffee enjoyed in peaceful solitude, listening to a gentle playlist as you get dressed, or an invigorating body wash to wake the senses. Even a small tweak, such as opening the windows to let in sunshine and fresh air before climbing back into bed, can make those first wakeful moments more enjoyable.  

  • Nourish your body  


    We’ve all heard “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but it really is important to feed and hydrate your body after hours of sleep. Whatever your tastes, eating a wholesome and healthy breakfast not only nourishes your body, but sets you up to make better food choices throughout the day.  


    Opt for grains, protein or fruit instead of sugar and whether you’re a tea-drinker or coffee-addict, begin with a glass of water to rehydrate the body. If you’re short on time, experiment with grab-and-go options you can make the night before, such as overnight oats, or have jars of granola and muesli ready to much on the go or sprinkle over yogurt.

    Alternatively, bask in the ceremony of sitting down at the kitchen table with a bowl of something delicious and enjoy a few moments just for you. 

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