Nothing says “Thank you, mum” quite like a multi-tier cake stand laden with tiny triangular sandwiches, delicate macarons, and bite-sized sponge cakes. High Tea and Mother’s Day go together like scones smothered in cream and jam.
  • The History Bit 


    The tradition of High Tea emerged in England in the mid 1800s as an afternoon meal for the working man, often taken standing up or sitting on tall stools (hence “high” tea). The upper classes adopted a variation of the meal – Afternoon Tea – as a way to stave off hunger before a late dinner. Initially a private event, it evolved into a lavish social occasion, giving the elite the opportunity to mingle while enjoying tea, dainty finger sandwiches, sweet pastries and cakes. 


    Today, High Tea, or Afternoon Tea, is just an occasional indulgence, and most often enjoyed on Mother’s Day. What better way to treat the woman who takes care of everyone else than a towering stack of tea and cake? 

  • The Tiers 


    Of course, you don’t have to visit the tea rooms this Mother’s Day, a delicious spread of afternoon tea can be enjoyed at home. You can go as laidback or as fanciful as you like, the key ingredients are simple: a pot of freshly brewed tea, finger sandwiches, your baked sweet treat of choice to finish, and of course the tiered cake stand to display your handiwork. 


    Typically, the bottom tier holds crustless sandwiches and the middle and top tiers are reserved for sweets and cakes. Guests should serve themselves from the bottom tier first and work their way to the top, so bear that in mind when you dress your stand. Head to our confectionary to find traditional bonbons and sweet treats to decorate your stand with plenty of colour and texture. 


  • The Tea 


    Whatever your brew of choice, now is the time to pull out your best teaware; op-shops are havens for vintage floral teapots that mum will love. Try our Organic French Earl Grey for a luxurious infusion with traditional roots, or opt for a herbal tisane like this Jasmine Green Tea with Rose, which pairs well with sweet baked goods. Why not serve a pitcher of iced tea, served with lemon slices or fresh berries and plenty of crushed ice …or skip the tea altogether and celebrate with a glass of Champagne!  


  • The Sandwiches 


    Almost anything tastes delicious between two slices of bread, but if you want to go the traditional route, reach for smoked salmon, egg and cress and cucumber with cream cheese. Whatever you serve, don’t forget to be a bit fancy and cut the crusts off. 


    The Scones 


    Homemade or shop bought, scones must be served with a generous smothering of cream and jam – which order you layer them is totally up to you! 

  • The Cake(s) 


    Anything goes for the sweet finale. Go bite-sized with Mini Bundt Cakes, a selection of cupcakes and tiny banana bread loaves. Or impress mum with the big guns: try the classic lemon drizzle cake, an orange and olive cake or a baked fig cheesecake, neatly sliced and displayed on your stand. For the health conscious mum, our Flourless fruit Cake Mix makes last-minute baking stress-free.  

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