Every now and then a documentary comes along that opens your mind and changes the way you see the world and act within it. ‘The Plastic Age’ is all about our excessive use of plastic and the repercussions of this usage on our environment, both immediate and afar.
  • At this point in time, there is literally hundreds of millions of pieces of plastic that calls our oceans home, never ceasing to break down entirely, getting eaten by marine life and then traveling up the food train- to us.

    The film opens by reminding us that the single-use plastic items we use in our day-to-day lives without a thought, are going to be around long after our great grandchildren. This is indeed, as the film states, The Plastic Age.

    Even though many of us are now aware of the need to minimise our plastic consumption, this film takes that knowledge to a whole new level. Minimising plastic suddenly feels all that much more important, something everyone needs to be aware of and take action against.

    Our planet is in dire need of change and as much as this film is shocking it is also uplifting. The storyline highlights a new company called G Star Raw, who in collaboration with Pharrell Williams are using plastic to make a beautiful recycled yarn for their newly released fashion range. All over the world people are inventing ingenious ways to use plastic by-products.

  • Sometimes, the issue at hand can seem overwhelming and we don’t know where to begin. But change starts with small steps, things that we can all do that really do make a difference. At The Source we are very passionate and proud to offer people the chance to say no to plastic packaging. By offering paper bags and the opportunity to bring your own jars and containers to refill, we are slowly opening people’s minds to a new way of shopping. The Source demonstrates that there really is no use for so many single use plastic items and instead, every consumption choice you make can be an opportunity to reuse or recycle.

I hope this film opens your mind & heart as it did mine. By shopping consciously and being present and mindful in our choices, we CAN make a difference!

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