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  • Organic Purple Rice Protein Powder

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    This purple rice protein concentrate is made from Certified Organic purple rice, known in Thailand as riceberry. It contains no pesticides or preservatives, has nothing artificial added and is non GMO. With a content of 60% protein, this concentrate has a mild, slightly sweet rice flavour and aroma. This light purple coloured rice protein is a scrumptious addition to beverages, as well as a range of sweet or savoury recipes.

    How to Use:

    Add 1-2 tbsps. of this delectable purple rice protein powder to smoothies before blending, or stir into a large glass of water, fresh juice or coconut water. Sprinkle over porridge, muesli, fruit salad or yoghurt. Use purple rice protein in energy balls, slices, chia pudding and home-made chocolate, or toss a little protein concentrate with raw seeds and nuts before serving over salads. Add to soups and hotpots as serving, or include it in bread and muffin recipes.


    Organic Purple Rice Protein.

    Preservative Free, Non GMO, No Added Sugar.


    No known Allergens.

    This product may contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.


  • Raw Honey from Byron Bay

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    Our beautiful honey is from the Byron Bay Hinterland. This delicious honey is delivered direct from the honey farmer to us! It is totally unprocessed pure and natural honey.

    The price of this product includes the jar or honey pot.


    Raw honey

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