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  • Auto Dishwashing powder

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    Our dishwashing machine powder can get you better results from your dishwasher without chlorine bleaches. Entirely safe and biodegradable, no harmful residue left. Leaves dishes sparkling clean and the ozone layer does not suffer either.

    Product Benefits: 

    This auto dishwashing powder is safe and environmentally friendly and is low abrasive for your dishes.  No petrochemicals; no artifical perfumes or animal ingredients.  Safe for septic systems.

    How to Use:

    Fill up dishwasher compartment or sprinkle 2 Tbsp into dishwasher then add rinse aid and turn machine on.



    Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle Oil, Sodium Carbonate (washing soda), Pentasodium Triphosphate & Polyacrylic Acid (water softeners), Sodium Metasilicate (mineral based, anti-corrosive agent to protect the dishwasher), Sodium Percarbonate (sanitises and helps remove stains), Disodium Sulphate (mineral salt), Dodecanol-Ethoxylated & Propoxylated (rinse aid).

  • Beeswax Food Wraps – Reusable Pack of 3


    We are super excited to announce our Australian Pure Beeswax wraps are now available in our stores all around Australia.  Beeswax Food Wraps are a wonderful re-usable alternative to plastic food wraps; reducing the waste and toxic pollutants associated with plastics, while reducing your household use of non-renewable resources.

    This kitchen starter pack of 3 wraps in varying sizes is hand-made in Australia – from Australian Organic beeswax; pure Australian jojoba oil; and Certified Organic unbleached cotton. The cotton is produced in fair-work conditions and is certified to Global Organic Textile Standards – which have inbuilt social audits. The days used for printing are also GOTS Certified and are Azo-Free.

    Beeswax, which contains inherent antimicrobial and water repellent properties, has been used to cover cheese for centuries and utilised by many ancient civilisations in cosmetic and skin products. Jojoba Oil from the jojoba nut – and technically a wax rather than an oil; is also known for its natural anti-bacterial properties.

    This combination of natural waxes and cotton creates an easy to use, pliable fabric that helps to keep your food fresh and allows you to reuse the wraps over & over. By following the care instructions these wraps will last up to 1 year, after which they can be composted.  These convenient and effective food wraps are a great way to cover leftovers, fresh produce, snacks and lunchbox goodies; helping our environment one sandwich at a time. Another great ‘zero waste’ solution.


    1 x Small (20 x 20 cm), 1 x Medium (25 x 25 cm) and 1 x Large (30 x 30 cm)  Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps. Made from Organic Cotton, Australian Organic Beeswax, Pure Australian Jojoba Oil, and Tree Resin.

    How to Use:

    These ecological reusable Beeswax food wraps can be used to replace plastic wrap in any kitchen application. They are suitable to cover leftovers or fresh fruit & veg before refrigerating. Wrap muffins, cakes and sandwiches for your lunchbox or picnic hamper; cover bowls while activating nuts or soaking pulses. Wrap home-made pastry to rest in the fridge, or cover a bowl of proving dough mix.                                                                                                                                              Beeswax wraps will become malleable by simply warming them in your hand as you fold around food or bowl. As it cools it create a seal and holds the folded or wrapped shape.  To avoid melting the wraps’ natural waxes, take care to allow hot dishes to cool before covering; and do not use wraps in microwaves or place in the dishwasher.

    Care Instructions:

    Hand wash Beeswax wraps in cool water with a mild, natural dishwashing detergent. Allow to air dry, fold and store in the draw or a cool, dry place. In hot weather store wraps in the refrigerator. Do not leave in direct sunlight. With proper care wraps can be reused many times, for up to a year. When these food wraps have come to the end of their useful life, simply cut into pieces and add to your compost or green waste. They can also be repurposed as natural fire starters – handy when camping or for the bbq.

  • Blue Dinosaur PlanetBox Kit

    PlanetBox Lunch Kit

    PlanetBox lunch boxes are now available in our stores all around Australia!

    Contact your local store for stock information and do your bit to reduce waste and invest in one of these amazing bento style lunch boxes which will help you pack litter free lunches!

    These PlanetBox sets are an easy, quick and fun way to pack an interesting and exciting selection of goodies, that will stay fresh and secure; and have children (and adults alike) joyfully looking forward to ‘tucking in’.

    This Kit includes the following:

    • Rover Lunch box
    • 2 leak proof dippers/containers
    • Dinosaur Magnets
    • Blue Carry Bag (latest style!)


    At The Source Bulk Foods we are dedicated and passionate about reducing waste and helping the environment. Made from sturdy, long lasting Stainless steel, the eco-friendly PlanetBox eliminates the need for wasteful, expensive packaging and plastic wrap.

    The accompanying dippers are great for yoghurt or dips and are made from stain and odour-resistant stainless steel. The easy-care Carry Bag material is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles and, like the whole PlanetBox kit it is independently certified to be free of toxins, BPA, phylates and lead.

    The whole family will enjoy packing AND devouring the contents of these fantastic kits, while reducing waste, leaving a lighter footprint and saving money.

    Make sure you share your waste free, healthy lunch box ideas with us using hashtag #thesourcebulkfoods and #wastefreelunchboxchallenge.

    Why PlanetBox?

    • Easy – PlanetBox will serve as your guide for what and how much to pack. We’ve done the thinking for you. And now your morning routine just got a whole lot easier.
    • Eco – PlanetBox lunches create a whole lot less trash, which should help you sleep better knowing you’re doing your part to help the planet for future generations.
    • Safe – We take “non-toxic, non-leaching, safe from BPA, phthalates, and lead” very seriously – in fact, it’s why PlanetBox was designed! We don’t think you will find safer products on the market.
    • Built to last – This isn’t your childhood flimsy tin lunchbox. Our high quality stainless steel is warrantied for 5 years, and has been known to survive getting thrown off the school bus (not that we recommend that). For warranty queries please contact PlanetBox here.
    • Cost Effective – Why should you pay this much for a lunchbox? Because it’s cheaper to buy food in bulk and pack your own meal. Because your health is worth it. And because it’s an investment your family will use every single day for many years to come – over its lifetime, it will pay off in spades.
    • Healthy – Forget to pack some veggies? The empty compartment will remind you. Concerned about overeating? That won’t happen – PlanetBox is designed to hold sensible portions. So eat a rainbow of foods, and enjoy.
    • Great Design – hence something actually works well, it makes all the difference. We spent years studying and living how people use lunchboxes. We thoroughly thought through all the details, so you and your kids get the joy and ease of using a superbly designed product.
    • Stress Free Clean Up – Dishwasher safe? Heck yeah. Peanut butter left for a week? No problem – our stainless steel doesn’t retain yucky food odors or stains like those unfortunate plastic containers do.
    • Enjoyable – Think packing lunch is a dreaded chore? Our innovative lunchboxes actually make packing lunch fun and enjoyable – for your kids and yourself!
    • Customizable – Just change your magnets and you’ve got a fresh new lunchbox to suit your style. We have extra rocket and rainforest magnets you can purchase to mix up your box.


    Care Instructions:

    After removing magnets, wash your PlanetBox after each use – in the dishwasher, or with mild soap and water; and dry thoroughly. The silicone seals in dippers are detachable for cleaning. Avoid harsh cleaners, scourers or wire brushes; and dishwashing soap containing chlorine bleach. Carry bag can be spot cleaned, or hand washed in warm soapy water; then air-dried.

    PlanetBox in not designed to hold liquids or for hot foods. Allow food to cool before placing in Dippers or PlanetBox. Do not use in microwave or oven.

    Our PlanetBox lunch kits also come in Pink Rainbow, Red Rainforest and Red Dinosaur.

  • Body Wash Lemon Myrtle

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    Lemon Myrtle Body Wash is handcrafted in the beautiful subtropical Northern Rivers region of Australia and contains no toxins or sensitizers, helping to protect your family’s current and long-term health. The fresh Australian native scent of Lemon Myrtle makes this body wash lively and invigorating.

    There is no sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), polyethylene glycol (PEG) and parabens, mineral oils, or diethanolamines (DEAs).

    The no-tears formula has a pH of 5.5 for perfect skin compatibility and importantly it is eco-responsible, biodegradable and septic safe.

    How to Use:

    To use Lemon Myrtle body wash, wet your skin in the shower or bath, lather some of the body wash on your hands and use a loofah or a washcloth to apply it to your skin. Rinse it off and pat dry with a towel


    Aqua, cocoamidopropyl betaine, cocamine oxide & dimethyl cocomine, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, glycerine, citric acid, backhousia citriodora (Lemon Myrtle) oil, magnesium chloride & magnesium nitrate, methylchloroisothiazolinone & methylisothiazolinone, mountain green (CI18968 & CI42090).

    The price of this product includes the bottle.

  • Coconut Soap


    These delightful soaps are made from the finest and purest raw materials. They contain no animal products. The palm oil base comes from certified sustainable sources. The soap also contains the certified organic oils of Sweet Almond, Evening Primrose, Avocado and JoJoba. The botanical ingredients are grown on a certified biodynamic farm in Northern NSW.

    Product Benefits:

    Coconut Oil naturally contains high amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E. Coconut Oil contains natural soothing properties which are effective in combating irritated skin. Coconut Oil contains natural anti-oxidants to help the skin repair and protect itself from free radicals.

    This Coconut soap contains no artificial colours, petroleum based products or animal products.

    How to Use:

    Coconut soap is suitable for face and body use.

  • Dead Sea Mineral Bath Salts

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    Dead Sea Bath Salts are filled with the widely reputed therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea’s minerals.

    How to Use:

    Add 2- 4 cups to a very warm but not excessively hot bath. [Some research suggests that an excessively hot bath may inhibit mineral absorption]. Soak for a minimum of 20 minutes. To experience ‘floating’ similar to that of the Dead Sea add more.


    Pure Dead Sea Salt

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap


    These delightful soaps are made from the finest and purest raw materials. They contain no animal products. The palm oil base comes from certified sustainable sources. The soap also contains the amazing benefits of Dead Sea Mud making them mineral rich and great for the skin.

    Coconut Oil naturally contains high amounts of vitamins A, B, C and E. Coconut Oil contains natural soothing properties, which are effective in combating irritated skin. Coconut Oil contains natural anti-oxidants to help the skin repair and protect itself from free radicals.

    This Coconut soap contains no artificial colours, petroleum based products or animal products. Dead Sea Mud is filled with the widely reputed therapeutic benefits of the Dead Sea's minerals.  It is great for skin disorders.


    Organic coconut oil, organic palm oil (sustainable sourced), dead sea mud, organic glycerine (derived from plant sources), sodium citrate, charcoal.

  • Epsom Salts (Food Grade)

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    How to Use:

    Our Food grade natural Epsom Salts can be taken internally. Take stress-relieving Epsom salt baths three times weekly by adding 2 cups of salt to a warm bath. You can add 1/2 cup olive oil or baby oil, but do not use soap. As a foot bath, pamper weary feet by adding 1/2 cup of Epsom salt to a basin of warm water. Relax and soak feet for 20 minutes. In the shower or bath, mix a handful of Epsom salt with a tablespoon of bath or olive oil and rub all over your wet skin to exfoliate and soften.


    Magnesium Sulphate sourced from a natural deposit (not synthesized)

  • Hemp Protein Organic

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    Product Overview:

    Hemp products are NOT sold for human consumption. Hemp products are sold for cosmetic use ONLY.

    Please refer to online material for more information.


    Hemp Protein Powder


  • Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner Lemon Myrtle

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    This price includes the bottle.


    Pure Australian Lemon Myrtle oil, water, lauralkonium chloride (food safe antibacterial active 3% w/w kills germs and mould), C9-11 pareth-8 (readily biodegradable non-ionic surfactant), tetrasodium edta (water softener), ethanol (plant derived alcohol), green colour (food grade & toxin free).


    Lemon Myrtle Kitchen & Bathroom Cleaner is handcrafted in the subtropical Northern Rivers region of Australia and uses only the best and most essential ingredients to leave your home germ free and smelling beautiful. The food-safe formula is boosted by the natural antibacterial and antifungal power of native lemon myrtle oil giving you twice the strength of Australia’s leading brand of disinfectant and killing 99.9% of sickness-causing germs in your home. Use as directed for eco-responsible, biodegradable and septic-safe disinfection and cleaning in your home.

    Handcrafted in Australia using only the purest ingredient Multi-purpose, everyday disinfectant to effectively clean and kill the germs on a wide range of surfaces including toys, bench tops, cutting boards, toilets, floors and walls Smells beautiful, not medicinal

    2 x the strength of Australia’s leading brand of disinfectant, Food-safe Antibacterial and kills mould too. Eco-responsible and biodegradable

    How to Use:

    Use a small amount with water on a cleaning cloth to clean surfaces in the Kitchen and Bathroom.

  • Laundry Powder Lemon Myrtle

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    Product Overview:

    Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder is handcrafted in the beautiful subtropical Northern Rivers region of Australia. It uses only the best and most essential ingredients to clean your clothes – there are no fillers or phosphates – making Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder kind to sensitive and easily irritated skin. In fact this laundry powder is so pure it gives you twice the number of washes of Australia’s leading brand. That’s good for the environment and better on cost. The low suds formula is suitable for both front and top loaders and has been specially developed for hot and cold washes. The low sodium formula is grey water and septic safe, eco-responsible and biodegradable.

    Product Benefits:

    Handcrafted in Australia using only the purest ingredients with 2 x the number of washes of Australia’s leading brand of laundry powder. For both front and top loaders, and hot and cold washes. Beautifully fragranced using locally harvested natural lemon myrtle oil it is kind to sensitive skin and is Grey water and septic safe. It is Eco-responsible and biodegradable and comes in a handy reusable pail.

    How to Use:

    Add 1 scoop into top or front loader washing machines for clean and fresh clothes washing that is safe for the skin and the environment.


    Sodium carbonate (washing soda) Sodium citrate Polyacrylic acid, Backhousia citriodora (lemon myrtle) leaf oil Sodium metasilicate Alkylbenzenesulphonic acid Sodium salt, Tetrasodium edta Optical brightener.

  • Lavender Laundry Liquid

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    This price includes the bottle.

    This laundry Liquid unlocks and releases the deepest and most stubborn stains without destroying the Earth. It also leaves the natural smell of Lavender based on essential oils and flowers. This laundry liquid is lows suds so it can be used in front loaders.

    Product Benefits:

    This laundry liquid contains no Zeolite, added mineral phosphates, bleaching or brightening chemicals, fillers, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours or animal ingredients. Phosphate Free & Biodegradable.

    How to Use:

    Use 1-4 caps per load of washing depending on hardness of water and heaviness of soiling.


    Purified water, coco glucoside, organic soapwort herb extract, organic saponified coconut oil, organic saponified olive oil, seaweed extract, sodium chloride (sea salt), organic extracts of lavender flowers, horsetail herb and witch hazel bark, guar gum, citrus seed extract, Australian lavender essential oil.


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