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  • Australian Organic Wholemeal Bakers Flour

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    Organic Australian grown wholegrain wheat is simply stone ground to create this plain flour. Unbleached Baker’s flour contains the wheat bran, germ and endosperm. It is Certified Organic, contains no artificial additives and is non GMO. With a slightly coarser texture than white flour, it has a lovely fresh aroma and nutty flavour.                                                                                                                                         Organic Wholemeal Baker’s Flour can be used anytime a recipe calls for plain or all-purpose flour or as self-raising flour by adding raising agents. The full flavour and the higher protein content of 12% in this organic flour is wonderful in home-made bread, cakes, and pizzas.

    As this Wholemeal Baker’s Flour is organic and preservative free it should ideally be refrigerated to retain maximum freshness. It can be used as an all-purpose plain flour suitable for many everyday-cooking needs. Use it to ‘dust’ vegetables, fish and meat; to thicken soup or hotpots; or even in béchamel and sauces. Australian wholemeal flour has a stronger texture than white flour, so it will absorb more moisture. If a recipe does not stipulate wholemeal flour you will likely need to add more liquid. Try letting your mix sit for a little while then, after absorption has taken place, add more moisture as needed.                                                                                                                           Organic baker’s flour is delicious in baked goods and the higher protein content works particularly well for crusty bread and pizza bases; cookies; muffins and short crust pastry. As this is a plain flour it is necessary to add a raising agent, such as yeast or baking powder, when baking or using a recipe that needs self-raising flour.


    Organic Prime Hard Wheat.

    Preservative Free, Non GMO.

  • Banana Flour

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    This amazing fruit produced flour is a resistant starch, making it an amazing alternative to grain flours for cooking.

    This product is incredibly versatile. Use it in your smoothies as a bulk fibre rich additive, or for baking cakes, biscuits, pasta and short crust pastry.

    To use in baking, simply use 25% less flour than you would with other flours.


    100% natural green bananas

  • Blanched Almond Meal

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    This meal is made using blanched almonds (which are almonds with the skin removed) that has been ground into a crumbly flour.

    How to Use: 

    Substitute for wheat flour.  Blanched almond meal is a fantastic addition to cakes and muffins etc.  Usually, more eggs are required when baking with almond meal to provide more structure.


    Ground blanched almonds


  • Hazelnut Meal

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    Hazelnut Meal is hazelnuts that have been ground to a flour like consistency. Hazelnut meal has a sweet, nutty flavour.

    How to Use:

    A great substitute for wheat flour, perfect for adding a rich flavor to all baked goods, from breads and muffins to cakes and cookies. Substitute up to one-third of the recommended flour in your favorite recipes with hazelnut meal/flour.





  • Natural Almond Meal

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    Natural Almond Meal is made from almonds that still have their skins on. The almonds have not been blanched and so have a more intense flavour.

    How to Use:

    Substitute for wheat flour.  Almond meal is a fantastic addition to cakes and muffins etc.  Usually, more eggs are required when baking with almond meal to provide more structure.




  • Organic Almond Meal

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    Organic Almond Meal is made from almonds that are not exposed to pesticides or other chemicals.

    How to Use:

    Substitute for wheat flour, baking or raw food cakes, can be used for a lighter baking for such things as shortbread.


    Organic Almonds


  • Organic Bakers White Flour

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    This Bakers White Flour is produced using premium Australian grown Organic prime-hard wheat. Organic Bakers Flour is free of preservatives and artificial additives, and is non-GMO. It has a subtle, natural wheat flavour and aroma, fresh white colour and fine texture.  The Organic wheat is roller milled to produce this fine plain flour, classed as a ‘strong’ flour; resulting in a flour that has a firm structure which holds well when used in baked goods. It is particularly good for soft rolls, bread and pasta making; but is also suitable to use when an all-purpose flour is called for.

    Organic Bakers White Flour is milled specifically for baking. It is wonderful for all your home-baked bread. Great for soft rolls, like light Scottish baps, and high-tin loaves. This flour can also be used as all-purpose flour in cakes, scones, muffins and biscuits, or in any recipe that calls for plain flour. Baker’s flour is also delicious in home-made pasta, producing pasta that holds together very well when cooked.   As this Organic Bakers Flour is a plain flour it is necessary to add a raising agent, such as yeast or baking powder, when baking or using a recipe that needs self-raising flour.


    Organic Prime Hard Wheat.

    Preservative Free, GMO Free.

  • Organic Besan Chickpea Flour

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    Flour made from ground dried chickpeas, it is also known as garbanzo flour or gram flour. It is primarily used in Indian and Pakistani cooking for making bread and savoury pastries such as poppadums/pakoras/bhajis.  It can also be used as a facial scrub.

    Besan chickpea flour has a characteristic nutty flavour that allows it to be mixed with very few ingredients to create delicious tasting and simple Indian inspired pastry/bread.

    How to use:

     * Use as simple base for creating many Indian breads/pastries.  For a great pakora batter, add 1 cup of besan flour to ¾ cup of water to this add your favourite Indian spices such as garam marsala, coriander, garlic and turmeric, mix together to from a batter and then coat your fresh vegetables and cook as desired.

    * Add equal amounts of water to flour and use as an egg replacement in vegan cooking

    * Add either water/ coconut oil/ yoghurt to flour and rub together to form a paste that may be used as a facial exfoliator.


    Organic Chickpeas.



  • Organic Coconut Flour

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    Coconut flour is made from dried, ground organic coconut meat.

    How to use:

    When using coconut flour in your cooking/baking a general substitution is 1/4 – 1/3 cup of coconut flour for 1 cup of grain based flour. You will also need to use more eggs.  For every 1 cup of coconut flour you will need 6 beaten eggs and 1 cup of other fluid. 


    Organic Coconut



  • Organic Corn Maize Flour

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    This Maize flour is made from Australian grown Certified Organic yellow maize (corn) grain. The grain has been simply milled into soft yellow flour, with no added wheat starch or preservatives. Maize flour, sometimes called corn starch, has a subtle, slightly sweet corn flavour and natural, fresh aroma. Often used to make delectable tortillas and the like, it can also be used in baked goods or as a thickening agent.

    How to Use:

    Organic maize flour can be used to make delicious flat breads, tortillas and thin, crisp corn chips. It is also suitable to use in baked goods including bread, muffins and puddings. As this flour has no rising agent it works well with gluten-rich flours, or alternatively in a corn soda bread and similar recipes. Maize flour can be used as a thickener in sauces, soups and hotpots. Combine 1 tbsp. of maize flour with 1 tbsp. of cold water and mix well until thoroughly blended with no lumps. Stir into sauce or dish to be thickened. Simmer for a few minutes, stirring until dish is thick. As this organic flour has no preservatives it is best stored in the fridge to retain its freshness.


    Organic Maize (Yellow Corn).

    Preservative Free, Non GMO

  • Organic Hemp Flour

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    Hemp seeds are a delicious and nutritious food that has been eaten for thousands of years by people all over the world. The certified organic seeds used to mill this flour are a low THC variety, as approved for human consumption in Australia, in November 2017. They are grown and processed without any synthetic inputs, are non-GMO and have no added preservatives. Hemp flour is also a natural source of omega fatty acids, dietary fibre, vitamins and minerals.                                                                                                                                                  This flour has a subtle, fresh aroma. With a light nutty flavour, hemp flour is a delicious and healthy addition to sweet or savoury dishes.

    Hemp flour can be used in any recipe requiring all-purpose plain flour for baking and general cooking requirements. Combine with other flours of choice in bread, muffins and biscuits. Great for pizza dough, waffles and pancakes.  Add a few tablespoons of hemp flour to soups and hotpots to add extra body. Or use it as a wheat-free alternative for flouring veggies, seafood and meat.


    Organic Hemp Flour.

    Preservative Free, Non GMO. Paleo.


    No known Allergens.

    May contain traces of allergens due to possible cross-contamination.


    Store in an air tight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

    Refrigeration recommended.


    Shelf Life:

    Up to 12 months when stored as above. See Best Before date.

  • Organic Khorasan Flour

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    This flour is made from finely ground khorasan grain.  Khorasan flour is used in cooking and baking.

    How to use:

    Terrific for baking as kamut is a light soft flour. Just substitute the same amount of khorasan flour into any recipe where it asks for flour.



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